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The Massachusetts Biotech Boom

The Massachusetts Biotech Boom A Guide for Executives and Entrepreneurs

The Massachusetts Biotech Boom brings you on a top-down, macro look at the Massachusetts biotech industry, including the many important medical treatments that have emerged as a result. It sheds light on the vast number of career opportunities prevalent in biotechnology, and the potential wealth creation that can go along with it. It examines the current boom, the base of the boom, ripples and risks, the process of wealth management, and most importantly, techniques for creating, managing, and maintaining your wealth as you grow your biotech career in companies. Featuring an exclusive interview with Walter “Wally” Gilbert, co-founder of Biogen, we hope this book increases your excitement about the biotech industry. This book gives you keen insight and enlightening perspectives on an ever-growing industry, with input from the world’s most respected leaders in biotech.

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The Massachusetts Biotech Boom engages the reader, providing an overview of the biotech opportunities as it takes you on a journey through the current boom and beyond. Explore the risks, the process of wealth management, and techniques for generating more wealth in the biotech industry.

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Kevin M. O'Brien CFP, AIF, CAP

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Kevin M. O’Brien CFP, AIF, CAP

Kevin M. O’Brien, CFP®, AIF®, CAP®, is founder and president of Peak Financial Services, Inc. Since 1986 he has strived to help hundreds of individuals and organizations reach their financial goals. He has published articles in local and national news media, including the Worcester Business Journal, U.S. News & World Report, Investopedia, and Kevin has sat on the board of governors for Tufts Medical Center and Reliant Medical Group Foundation, and is the past president of the Planned Giving Council of Central Massachusetts. A longtime member of the International Financial Planning Association, he is a corporator for the Worcester Community Foundation and the YWCA of Worcester, Massachusetts. Kevin lives in Massachusetts with his wife, Ree, and has two adult children, Kilian and Fallon.